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Quality Childcare

For Kids Sake Early Learning Center is an educational childcare environment that partners with working families in Michigan. We believe every child deserves the chance to participate, learn & grow in a high-quality, loving & exciting environment. In this community, parents will be encouraged and supported in celebrating their children’s milestones while developing relationships that last a lifetime.

Active Learning

Learning in our space and using these resources encourages both child-initiated and teacher-directed activities. The role of a teacher is to provide developmentally appropriate programming, assess growth, support, educate & communicate with parents.  Their role also includes ensuring that the children’s learning environment is clean, safe, and stimulating.

Creative Lessons

Children who experiment with artistic processes and experience other people’s creativity develop respect for and appropriate responses to other people’s ideas. We believe that the best creative art experiences for young children emphasize process over product. When children can express themselves creatively they develop healthy self-esteem.

For Kid’s Sake Early Learning Center