Josie Hoisington, Pre-school  Teacher –  Josie has been the Pre-school Teacher at FKS since 2006.  Josie teaches our three-year-old pre-school kids. She and her husband Joe live in Commerce and have four children of their own. Josie’s background includes 13 years of running an in-home childcare and working for L.E.S.A. (Livingston Educational Service Agency) assisting in Pinckney’s Head Start Program. Josie is passionate about everything she does! She has written a children’s song in Spanish, “Abre La Puerta Por Favor,” that has been published by The Mailbox, a popular teachers’ monthly magazine. A FKS parent recently said this about Josie: “Ms. Josie has some kind of spell over them, no matter the number of kids, they listen to her, they wait to see what she’ll do next…she’s amazing.” Although Josie is well respected by co-workers for her strength and leadership, she is probably most loved for her own personal rendition of the “ABC Rap” that she refuses to be filmed performing with the kids. Let’s just say that we are often entertained by Josie’s rapping abilities. Josie is committed to furthering her knowledge and skills when it comes to teaching the kids here at FKS.