Holly Purdy, a Nurse/Wellness Trainer, was born and raised in Pinckney, Michigan. She left for college in 1988 not knowing “what I wanted to be when I grew up”. After taking classes at a community college, she decided to accept a scholarship from Northwood University and earned a Bachelor of Business degree. After graduation, she worked for five years in the beverage industry.

Holly left the beverage industry to move back to Pinckney to raise her children near her family. After the birth of her second son, she discovered the importance of healthy living (he was born with a rare blood disease). So, her quest for knowledge began. In 2008, she applied to the nursing program at Jackson Community College and was accepted. From January 2009 to December 2010, she studied nursing and focused on learning about health promotion. Holly graduated with a great deal of knowledge and an associate degree in nursing. In March 2011, she passed the NCLEX and became an RN. In May, she landed her first job as a nurse in a skilled nursing facility. She specialized in the elderly, ventilator and rehabilitative patients.
After witnessing the struggles with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, mental illnesses, obesity and heart/lung diseases, Holly decided that she needed more. She turned to the Internet for information. Unfortunately, she could not figure out which websites were credible or what research to believe in, so Holly applied to the University of Michigan School of Nursing (knowing the focus of the program was in research). Again, Holly focused her learning on health promotion. During that same time, she started planning for her own business called Michigan Wellness RN. Finally, in May 2013, Holly earned her BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) and the ability to find credible research. Today, Holly is a full-time homecare nurse and a part-time wellness trainer. Holly’s mission is to help people avoid chronic illnesses (or manage them) and to live a healthy, happy life.