Julie Henes Picano – “Ms. Julie, are you the ‘Principal’ of this school?” 

That’s the most popular question that I hear from the kids at FKS. It’s important to them to know who is at the top of the hierarchy, but they are often taken by surprise by the answer. My answer to them…“No, I’m not the principal…I’m a teacher that has some other jobs to do too.” While I did create the policies, program descriptions, handbooks, and I did secure a space for us to work out of, I still see myself as one of the teachers. 

FKS has a very talented staff that depend on each other’s strengths to make a well-rounded team. These professionals not only care for each child as an individual, but they can also explain our programs, share our philosophy of caring for the whole family, and welcome friends into ours safe and loving environment that we all work hard to make fun and educational.

Josie Hoisington, Pre-school Teacher – Josie has been the Pre-school Teacher at FKS since June 2006.  Josie teaches our 4-5 year-old pre-school kids. She and her husband Joe live in Commerce and have four children of their own. Josie’s background includes 13 years of running an in-home childcare and working for L.E.S.A. (Livingston Educational Service Agency) assisting in Pinckney’s Head Start Program. Josie is passionate about everything she does! She has written a children’s song in Spanish, “Abre La Puerta Por Favor,” that has been published by The Mailbox, a popular teachers’ monthly magazine. A FKS parent recently said this about Josie: “Ms. Josie has some kind of spell over them, no matter the number of kids, they listen to her, they wait to see what she’ll do next…she’s amazing.” Although Josie is well respected by co-workers for her strength and leadership, she is probably most loved for her own personal rendition of the “ABC Rap” that she refuses to be filmed performing with the kids. Let’s just say that we are often entertained by Josie’s rapping abilities. Josie is committed to furthering her knowledge and skills when it comes to teaching the kids here at FKS.

Amanda Hall, Infant/Toddler Teacher – Amanda is a founding teacher at FKS, caring for our children since 2005. If you ask co-workers to describe Amanda, they would say that she is an unbelievably positive team player, and a master of redirection and patience with her infants/toddlers age 0-2 year-old group. Most don’t know that Amanda is musically talented in violin and piano.  Amanda lives in Howell with her husband Daniel, 11 year-old daughter Isabel, 5 year-old son Liam and a new baby to join our FKS family during March of 2018.  They also have 2 dogs to round out the family.  Amanda enjoys dinners at Big Boy, time with parents, siblings, nieces, nephews and friends, and quiet family time with Daniel in their new home. Amanda would like parents to remember her as someone who has a deep commitment to the happiness and well-being of their child.

Isabel CashinInfant/Toddler Teacher – Isabel was born in Jackson, Michigan.  She was raised by her adoptive parents since the age of three.  She also gained a brother and sister. Isabel, along with her husband Dave and her daughter Heather, are Pinckney locals.  Isabel has been able to be found in the Infant/Toddler room at FKS since Jan of 2009.  Isabel had her first professional experience with children while working years for LESA (Livingston Educational Service Agency) in their Pinckney Head Start Program which just happened to be in the same building as FKS at one time.  Kids could be heard through the halls yelling, “”Hi Ms. Isabel.”.  Boy did we know that she was good then because the kids loved her so much.  Since January of 2009, our FKS kids have grown to love and depend on her. Isabel would like for parents to remember her for her kindness to the kids, honesty to parents, and for giving parents a reassured feeling that their kids are safe, loved, and happy in her care.

Lisa Ashba – Lisa Ashba lives in Pinckney. She is married to her husband, Mark, and they have 4 children (Jessica 32, Brianna 29, Ashlee 12, & Nathaniel 10). Lisa is a long time veteran of childcare working with Infants and Toddlers and their families for 24 years and at FKS since March 2011.  You might find it interesting that 3 years of her experience was spent with the teen moms program in the Oxford School System. In that program, she not only cared for children, but she also guided young and inexperienced mothers trying to finish school. If Lisa had to pick her favorite time of the day at FKS it would be cuddling with our youngest friends and visiting with their parents.

Nichole Warren – Nichole is another welcomed addition the our FKS Family since August of 2014. Nichole is our 3 yr old pre-school teacher.  She was born in Sandusky, Michigan (no theme park!).  She recently moved to Pinckney from Belleville with her husband Dale, 12 year-old son and 6 year-old daughter.  In her free time, Nichole enjoys bike riding and camping.  Her favorite place to eat is at Outback. Nichole’s education began when she served 4 years in the United Stated Navy as a Gas Turbine Mechanic.  Next, she graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education. Nichole would like for the kids to remember her as a kind and gentle teacher who helped them through the early years.

Laura Harrison – Laura  is a new smiling face at FKS since Dec of 2016. She was born in Royal Oak, Michigan, and now lives in Pinckney with her husband David and 3 year-old son, George. In her spare time, Laura enjoys outdoor activities like hunting, boating and camping. She has a soft heart for animals and looks forward to gatherings with friends and family. Her favorite restaurants are Knights & Black Rock.  Laura has worked in childcare settings for the past 10 years and is excited to get specific training at FKS and at Child Connect for Family Success in the days to come. She feels like kids will remember her as the one with the big smile, the one that will happily read them a book, and the one that will gladly be there to brighten their day!  Laura would like parents to  recognize that she is is dependable, loving and will dedicate her time and attention at FKS to their children. You can look for Laura mostly in the afternoons, sharing time with many different age groups.

Taylor Feeman – Office Administrator & Floater

Teacher Born in: Ann Arbor, MI
About my family: I have 5 siblings that live at home with me (2 sisters & 3 brothers) and 3 step-siblings that do not (2 brothers and a sister). I have lots of pets!
What I like to do for fun: I love photography, spending time with animals and scuba diving.
My favorite place to eat: Asian Fusion & Culvers
Education & Experience: While my educational focus is not in early childhood I regularly participate in Early Childhood training through FKS and on a college level I have taken Child Psychology, Children & Self esteem & Positive discipline. . I have worked at FKS since 2011.
How do you want children to remember me: I want the kids to remember me as safe, fun and reliable.
How do I want parents to remember me: I want parents to remember me as someone who was always happy to see their kids and vice versa.  I would also like for parents to see me as approachable and always willing to help.

Zach Feeman – School-Age Teacher

Born in: Ann Arbor, MI
About my family: I have 6 younger siblings and 2 older siblings. Although things can get hectic and confusing, there is never a dull moment.
What I like to do for fun: I love playing most sports and I watch them pretty religiously (especially U of M). I also enjoy being outdoors and spending time with family.
Favorite place to eat: Panera bread or Mongolian BBQ
Education & Experience: I have worked at FKS since march of 2010 (primarily with the school age group/summer camp program). I have an associates degree in science from WCC and a Bachelors Degree in Knesiology from Eastern Michigan University.  I also work in a physical therapy clinic and plan to continue my education to become a physicians assistant in 2018
How do I want the children to remember me: I want the children to remember me as a fun, energetic, and positive person.
How do you want the parents to remember me: I want parents to remember me as someone who was never in a bad mood and who they can trust to carry that consistency and positivity onto their children in order to create a trustworthy and safe environment.

Nikki Wiseburn  

Nikki Wiseburn is a 2-year-old pre-school teacher at FKS since April of 2017. She lives in Howell, but was born in Sarasota, FL.  She has a 3-year-old little guy of her own named, Artie. Her more extended family includes, a twin sister, an older sister and a younger brother. In her spare time Nikki enjoys being organized and spending time with her family. Her favorite place to eat is Chili’s.
Nikki has spent time as a volunteer assisting with Family Readiness for military families. Outside of her experience as a mom, Nikki doesn’t have any formal early childhood training, but has known her whole life that young children and being a mom were her passion. She is looking forward to attending training at FKS and at Child Connect for Family Success.
Nikki would like for children to remember her as someone who is happy to see them and that they can count on. She would like parents to also see her positive demeanor and feel confident in her genuine care for their children.


Patricia Packard  

Trish joined out FKS staff as an Assistant Pre-school Teacher in March of 2018 and has been found to be a perfect match for our team. She was born in Amarillo, TX, has lived  in North Carolina and  now returns to Michigan with her husband and 2 teens.  At this stage of her parenting experience she would describe her home as, “very emotional.” In her spare time, Trish enjoys swimming, dancing & singing.  Her favorite place to eat is anywhere that serves steak. Trish has played may different roles with young children over her 20+ years of experience but educationally, in North Carolina she holds an Early Childhood Credential. She would like the kids to remember her for the sincere caring that she provides for them and she would like the parents to remember her as a provider that genuinely loves their children.


Olivia Irwin  

Olivia has been a teacher at FKS since June of 2016. She was born in Ann Arbor, MI and lives with her fiance Chris & their fur baby Luna. In her spare time, Olivia likes to cook & play with her cat. Her favorite place to eat is at Outback Steakhouse.  Educationally, Olivia has a Bachelors of Social Work Degree with a minor in youth Services from Saginaw Valley State University. Currently, she is working on a Masters of Social Work at the University of Michigan. You might find it interesting to know that Olivia spent 3 weeks in Uganda tutoring students at the Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project Primary School. Olivia would like for kids to see her as a good listener and someone who makes them laugh. She would like for parents to see her as someone that their child can trust and count on.


Sarah Carrera  

Sarah has been an Assistant Teacher in our pre-school program since Nov 2017. She was born in Chelsea, Michigan, and her parents still live there. Sarah has a brother who is a sophomore at Michigan Tech University.  For fun she plays her Viola in the Dexter Community Orchestra and enjoys  reading books in her hammock. Sarah’s favorite place to eat is at the original Cottage Inn in downtown Ann Arbor. Educationally, Sarah has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology with a minor in Neuroscience. She’s currently applying for colleges to get her Masters Degree in Social Work in 2019. Sarah would like children to see her as an adult that was always excited to play with them, help them grow and keep them safe. She would like parents to see her as someone who helped their child learn & grow during these important early years.


Kara Wolter

Kara is an Assistant Pre-school teacher at FKS since March of 2018. She was born in Ann Arbor, MI and has been a lifetime resident of the area. Kara has 1 sibling, a brother.  She also has a 2 year old little guy at home and a soon to be husband. Her favorite thing to do in her spare time is to swim which makes total sense since educationally, Kara has been a lifeguard for 10 years. She hopes to continue her education and peruse classes in Physical Therapy as an Assistant and specialize in pediatrics. Kara would like for kids and parents to remember her as a person that is friendly, kind, fun & happy to be a part of their day



Micki Beckwith

Micki has been a Infant/Toddler teacher at FKS on & off since June of 2014. She was born in Southfield, MI and is a local Pinckney resident with her husband Rodney and 2 sons.  She enjoys reading, scrap booking and going out to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Educationally, Micki has a Bachelors Degree in Education from Central Michigan University.  When asked how Micki would like for children to remember her, Micki says that she would like to be remembered as funny, kind, playful & caring.  When it comes to our FKS parents, she would like to be remembered as responsible, approachable, friendly & loving.

Erika Kolodge 

Erika’s family has been connected to FKS for more than 10 years since she and her sister are former FKS parents. She was born in Jacksonville, Flordia and has 2 sons.  Luke is 10-years-old and Dallas is 5. They have a dog named Dixie. For fun, Erika likes to play football, basketball & video games with her boys!  Her favorite place to go out to eat is BD’s Mongolian Grill.  Erika has worked in child care for 8 years. For 5 years, she was at Rainbow Montessori and for 2 years at Paulding Prep School, both in Georgia. While in Pinckney, she worked for 1 year for Pinckney Community Schools. Erika would like for kids to see her as a kind, fun loving teacher that is always looking for the chance to teach them something new. When it comes to parents, Erika would like parents to feel the love that she has for their children and know that she is caring for them as if they were her own while being committed to sharing new experiences..