04 Oct2010October 4, 2010

Tips for reading with your child from Scholastic Book Clubs

As always, health FKS loves to share information with our parents. We like to be a part of making your parenting experience the best it can be. Reading with your child grows children in an unimaginable way. Here is some help from Scholastic Books about what to expect from each age group. Reading together every...

29 Sep2010September 29, 2010

Transitioning Back Into School

It is back to school time and your child may be starting in a new classroom. Making such a change or transition can bring on stress or anxiety for your family. You play a big part in this transition. Create a partnership, salve establish a daily routine, ailment and be confident and supportive. This can...

27 Sep2010September 27, 2010

The Fine Art of Sharing

The Fine Art of Sharing A universal topic for all parents is sharing. Have you ever experienced these toddler’s “Rules for Living?” If I want it … it’s mine. If I had it … it’s mine. If I thought about touching it … it’s mine. If I might want it any time in the future...

25 Sep2010September 25, 2010

Health Care Policy

Health Care Policy If your child has the following conditions or symptoms or conditions, cure we will contact you to pick up your child from FKS (within 1 hr) in order to prevent contamination of the other children & staff, and to provide comfort to your child. ? Fever of 100.5 degrees or higher ?...

13 Sep2010September 13, 2010

Specialized Programming in Childcare settings.

Most childcare centers are known for just that, childcare. A place for children to play while parents are at work or school. As a mom of 5 I find that each child is so different. They have interests & talents that I can never seem to predict. What most impresses me while I watch other...